Managed IT Services

Comprehensive Technology Support & Maintenance

A printed circuit board As the premier Managed IT Service Provider in Alaska, AlasConnect handles all aspects of your company’s IT needs from the smallest detail to the broad strategy. Our services allow you to focus on differentiating your business from your competition using technology and not worrying whether your systems will be available when you need them.

As experts in technology, we provide a unique completness of vision, leveraging years of expertise, that can help your business become a leader in your industry.

AlasConnect Managed IT Services provide a full suite of services tailored to your business including:

  • Immediate support via our Alaska-based Help Desk
  • On-site support, troubleshooting and repair for technology systems, applications and devices
  • Management, support, and proactive maintenance of servers, firewalls, networks, wireless, workstations, laptops and mobile devices
  • Vendor management and procurement assistance
  • Hybrid cloud hosting solutions
  • Next Generation Anti-Malware protection, leveraging AI technology to detect and block zero day exploits
  • Vetted, qualified support from more than sixty Alaskan based professionals

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Disk array in a Data Center Planning for the worst case scenario is never easy, but with a suite of products AlasConnect can take the guess work out of your data backup and disaster recovery planning. Leveraging hybrid cloud technologies we are able to provide robust data backup and DR solutions, providing excellent RPO’s and RTO’s to meet your business needs at a price you can afford.

Some of the largest enterprises in Alaska utilize AlasConnect’s facilities and services as part of their Disaster Recovery plan.

Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Gold pins on an integrated ciruit chip AlasConnect offers custom tailored and fully managed Hybrid Cloud Solutions, allowing your business to scale applications and capacity without major reinvestment in capital assets. By bringing the flexibility of a hybrid cloud solution to your business you are able to scale elastically while also providing robust security controls and reliability.

  • Fully managed virtual machine hosting (compute) and data storage solutions
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions

Data Center Collocation

Racks in a data center with servers and fiber optic cables Operating four Data Centers within the State of Alaska, our facilities are uniquely positioned to provide secure and geographically diverse hosting and hybrid cloud services to our customers. We take pride in the quality of our Data Centers offering facilities that are second to none in the State of Alaska providing:

  • N+1 UPS systems
  • N+1 Cooling and Climate Control (HVAC)
  • Physical security, including 24/7 facility monitoring

Alaska is unique in that communication to the rest of the world relies on a small handful of undersea fiber optic cables (many of which are aging). Learn more about the exciting AlcanOne Terrestrial Fiber Network, with points of presence in AlasConnect Data Centers.

If data sovereignty is an issue for your business or you are concerned about “what if” scenarios with communications to the Lower 48, our Data Centers will provide you peace of mind knowing that your business critical IT assets will be available when they are most needed.

Contact us if you are struggling to scale or maintain your IT systems and are losing business opportunities because of it.