Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

As many are aware, the global response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is underway and AlasConnect is doing its part to assure the safety of our employees, partners, clients and greater communities. Please check back on this page, as we will provide more inforamtion here as it becomes available!

We are open for business

AlasConnect is still open and supporting our clients in this troubling time. While we have taken steps to allow many of our people to work from home to support social distancing recommendations and help "flatten the curve", you are still able to receive the support and assistance you need to continue operations. Fortunately, some of our people have been working remotely and on distributed teams for many years, so we have some valuable suggestions on our blog which you may find helpful if you or your team are new to remote work. It is certainly a big adjustment at first!

Your shipments may be delayed

If you have recently ordered technology equipment, your shipment may be delayed. Due to significant disruptions in the global supply chain for technology equipment and parts, we are seeing very long lead times on equipment like workstations, laptops, and peripheral equipment such as headsets. Additionally, we are taking additional steps to disinfect shipments received at our locations, which will also involve a short quarantine period. This is for the protection of our people as well as yours.

We have cancelled corporate travel

At this time we have put a hold on all corporate travel. This may mean that if you are in a city where we don't have an office we may be unable to dispatch technicians to your location.

We are prioritizing critical and emergency requests

During this time, we are prioritizing emergency and priority customer service requests. Additionally, we are working with our clients to assist them with onboarding their employees into work from home (WFH) technologies so they can continue to operate. As a result, you may see a little delay in normal day to day support requests, but we appreciate your patience and understanding!

Please take care to protect yourself and your family

Please make sure you are taking care of your family and community by practicing good hygiene practices and appropriate social distancing. If you are able, please consider staying home to avoid the spread of infection.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information