AlasConnect announces new President

Jan 6, 2020 - Justin Burgess

Portrait of Justin Burgess

I’m pleased to announce my next chapter in taking on the permanent role of President for AlasConnect, Alaska’s leading Technology Service Provider (TSP), after spending the past few months doing some block and tackle work with the team preparing for 2020 and beyond. With a mature and customized managed services offering, multiple data centers across the state, DevOps, SaaSOps, and enterprise software integration teams, thriving security and technology consulting practices, and presence in Fairbanks, Anchorage, Seattle, and Chicago, and backed by our $100m parent company MTA, AlasConnect is poised to begin delivering the next generation of technology services into underserved markets. For example, we are implementing a sentiment analysis solution for our call center, leveraging machine learning and AI capabilities, to identify hot spots for escalation in real time and provide additional mentoring for our staff. This is but one of many exciting technologies we are bringing forth in 2020 as we launch several new products.

Many organizations suffer because they can’t see the technology horizon, let alone see over it; we are developing and delivering innovative solutions for both today’s problems and the challenges of tomorrow. I look forward to working with you in discovering how we can leverage technology to accelerate outcomes in a role beyond trusted advisor - as your business partner.

If you would like to start a conversation about how we can partner with you to accelerate your technology program, contact us.